Take some time out and listen. Listen to yourself, listen to what’s going on deep inside your body. Hear your heart beat, your breath as it rises and falls. Relax, as you think of the hemp seed plant. This is a rare moment away from the hustle and buslte of everyday life. Feel the calm.

Add to this the sounds of the Australian rainforest – brought to you through the didgeridoo, and blended with harp, guitar, flute and angelic voices – and you’ll find yourself in Fields of Green.

When Nexus reviewed Fields of Green last year they said, “this music is gold... superb relaxation sounds”, whilst Vegan News said it was, “Ideal for use anywhere where a relaxing or healing atmosphere is required."

Fields of Green features ten tracks that you can disappear into and then emerge, feeling calmer and re-connected both to the world and to yourself.

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