Think of all the things you own or use which are currently contain petrochemical based plastics: your mobile phone, your computer, your furniture, your clothing, your furniture, your car...

At a time when the price of oil and its derivative products is rising ever higher, the need for sustainable alternatives has never been greater. Hemp has almost unlimited potential to fulfil that need. In ideal conditions, industrial hemp grows up to 18 metres in just 90 days and has little need for herbicides. In the past it has been maligned and misunderstood, through confusion with its look-alike drug-producing relative. But smoke a field of industrial hemp and all you would get is a headache!

As well as plastics, hemp can also supply the world with everything from food, paper and fuel, to building materials, clothing and, of course, didgeridoos. Although it may be some time before hemp is considered as a 'standard' material for the purposes of buildings, like wood, brick and concrete.

Hemp didgeridoos, such as the ones we use, avoid the need to fell precious rainforest to obtain wood to make them. Hemp didgeridoos, like all instruments produced using hemp stone have fantastic acoustic properties. See hemp plastic for more bioplastics based on industrial hemp.