We like hemp. In fact we love hemp. We write music and songs about it. We play our music on didgeridoos made out of it. And when we recorded our new album, we printed the inlay on paper made from it and put the CD in a case that has a plastic tray made from it too!

Why do we do this? Because hemp presents us – all of us – with an inspiring opportunity to live in harmony with each other and with our planet, and we want to spread the word!

Get in tune with the potential of hemp
here on this site and follow the links to related sites where you can learn even more. Get in tune with yourself by relaxing to the well-being sounds of Hemp Music on our new album, Fields of Green, and experience hemp-plastic and hemp-paper for yourself.

You may want to learn how to grow hemp or for an affordable and sustainable home - build hemp.

Best wishes and thank-you for your support and interest.

Paul Benhaim



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